While it did supplant the original E24 based 6 Series ina common misconception is that the 8 Series was developed as a successor. It was actually in an entirely new model class aimed at a different market, with a substantially higher price and performance than the 6 Series. Development of the 8 Series began in Julywith both the final design phase reaching completion and production development starting in The 8 Series was designed to move beyond the market of the original 6 Series.

bmw v12 engine cars

The 8 Series had substantially improved performance, as well as a far higher purchase price. Over 1. The 8 Series offered the first V12 engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission on a road car.

It was one of the first vehicles to be fitted with an electronic drive-by-wire throttle. Some of the car's weight may have been due to its pillar-less " hardtop " body style, which lacked a "B" pillar. Sales of the 8 Series were affected by the global recession of the early s, the Persian Gulf War, and energy price spikes.

As a result, plans for the high performance M8 variant were dropped in BMW pulled the 8 Series from the North American market inhaving sold only 7, cars over a seven-year period. BMW continued production for Europe until The worldwide production grand total was 31, The Ci was offered with two different engine packages. The first used the 4. From mid, production phased in the newer 4.

The Ci was available with a 5-speed automatic transmissionthough European cars were given the option of a 6-speed manual transmission. The only external features distinguishing the V8 model from the V12 models were the quad round exhausts, which were square in the V12 models.

The Ci stayed in production until May The i was the first model of the 8 Series launched in with the 5. It was available with either a 4-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox. There is some confusion over why and when the i became the Ci. The change happened around the introduction of the CSi and it is believed that BMW decided to include the "C" in the model name that denotes 'Coupe', just as two-door 3 Series cars alongside the 8 Series read Ci, Ci and so on.

This was not an immediate changeover, and indeed both the M70 and Mengined cars rolled off the production lines side by side for about nine months inboth named Ci. As the displacement of the M73 increased to 5. As a top-of-the-range variant of the 8 Series, the CSi took over from the prototype M8 variant.

bmw v12 engine cars

The modifications included Bosch Motronic 1.In Cars. V12 cars are inherently balanced, extremely powerful and it sounds just about right more often than not. Moreover, we had to list couple of W12 powered cars as well in order to round off the figure to They first appeared inbut it would be two more years before the most potent, V12 powered S arrived. You also get the 4-speed auto trans, horsepower out of that bulky 6. Performance, however, remained the same over the entire length of the E38 generation.

All that power is sent to the ground via ZF 5-speed automatic transmission. The British grand tourer enjoyed quite a long spell of 21 years on the market. A classic with either 5. Furthermore, most of them are newer generation cars which often come with low odometer count. Even more when something goes wrong. Older models had the naturally aspirated 5.

A luxury badge. Sales were slow and the Phaeton was pulled out from the US market only two years after being introduced.

BMW’s biggest engine - the V12 - is safe until 2023

Although a Volkswagen, Phaeton yielded hp and lb-ft of torque thanks to its 6. At its introduction, BMW i was another car offered with the 5.

Later on, BMW decided to change the name of the car to Ci due to the introduction of 5. However, during 9 months or so ofCi was offered with both engines. Larger displacement unit was now capable of making hp. If you find the most powerful C Si version of the car with hp, expect it to cost even more.

Being a flagship car of a luxury German brand such as Audi ensures that. Although not technically a V12 car has the same VW 6. At least not yet. The Jaguar XJ Series has been around for almost 50 yearsand V12 was the part of its lineup since Jump to navigation.

They have often chosen the V12 engine layoutwith two banks of six cylinders sprouting at an angle from a common crankcase. Flat 12s and W12s are not included to avoid offending the purists…. The first V12 engine was the bhp Four years later, with the assistance of Philip Schmoll, carburettor pioneer George Schebler of Indianapolis built a roadster with a Marion chassis and a V12 engine of his own design pictured.

It was not only the first V12 car but the first with cylinder deactivation. Since only one example was built, Schebler does not get the credit for putting a V12 into series production. Other American manufacturers quickly followed, creating an explosion of interest in V12s.

The depression of the early s killed the trend almost stone dead, and straight-eights became the engines of choice in fast and luxurious cars. Europeans took much longer than Americans to become interested in V12s. One of the first east of the Atlantic was the British Daimler Double Sixwhich went on the market in Its 7. Now buried within the organisation known today as AudiHorch was a premium German brand for the first forty years of the 20th century.

Its only V12 cars were the Type introduced in pictured and its longer-wheelbase equivalent, the Type The Horchs were successful rivals to the contemporary eight-cylinder Mercedesbut they were dropped late in after the company was merged with AudiDKW and Wanderer to create Auto Union.

Horch never built a V12 after that. Even in the Great Depression there were still people with enough money to make V12s viable for American manufacturers in the s. Cadillac has attempted to develop other Vengined cars from the late s to as recently asbut it has not had one on sale since Packard returned to V12s in and was able to keep its new unit in production until the end of the decade.

The Packard Twelve — initially given the old Twin Six name — used an enlarged 7. One Packard Twelve limousine ended up in unlikely hands. Lincoln worked hard on V12s in the s. It added a 7. In this last form, the V12 remained in production for a few years before collapsing sales forced Lincoln to stop building it in From the first decade of the 20th century untilthe only Vengined model produced by Rolls-Royce was the Phantom III of the mid to late s.It's a curious fact that despite the proliferation of large, wafty cruisers and mega-horsepower sportscars in America, very few locally built ones ever featured a V12 engine.

Once that went out of production in the American obsession with the V8 was in full force and today there is not one single American model with a V12 on the roads. Europe didn't follow the same path though and there have always been a handful of top-tier luxury and sports cars that had a smooth and silky V12 under their hoods. The Germans, Italians and British have been the most ardent supporters of the V Its supreme smoothness is unmatched and while the packaging requirements and construction costs make it unviable in even mid-range models, as a range-topper it is hard to beat.

Despite the current downsizing trend, there are still a fair few V12s in production and we picked some of the very best examples. From the high-revving supercars to near silent executive expresses, this is one versatile setup. Enzo Ferrari realized early on that a V12 engine configuration had some worthwhile benefits over 4 and 8-cylinder alternatives.

The Ferrari S of was the first Prancing Horse to fitted with one, although it displaced a mere 1. This 'Colombo' V12, named after its designer, was continually developed for decades and in 3.

The Colombo V12 finally bowed out in by which stage it was fuel-injected and up to 4. The LaFerrari features a development of the F V12 engine. It has, in various states of tune, powered supercars like the hp Enzo, hp GTO and hp Superfast.

bmw v12 engine cars

In the LaFerrari it displaces 6. With the excellent V8 GTB moving to turbocharging, we may see the next generation of V12 powered Ferraris going the same route. Ferruccio Lamborghini saw that to compete with Ferrari he too would need a powerful V Enter Giotto Bizzarrini, an engineer whose V12 powered every top Lambo from all the way up tospanning from 3.

The Countach is one of the most famous cars to be powered by the Bizzarrini V12, first as a hp 4. The hp 6. Thanks to the influence of new owners VW, the Murcielago introduced reliability and nearly daily usability to the Lamborghini range. Despite some Audi switchgear, the trademark madness remained. It was the Aventador however that introduced the biggest change of all, namely a new V12 engine.Instead, it powered the mighty McLaren F1.

Displacing 6. During that time, this degree V12 evolved from a bhp unit displacing 3. Essentially a lightly watered-down XJR-8 race car, just 53 were built. And that degree V12 - here dispacing 6. After all, it came out at around the same time as the turbo V6 XJ, a car originally destined to have pretty much the same V12 that ended up in the XJR In the Cinque this naturally-aspirated unit is good for bhp.

Then just slap on a set of custom equal-length headersand you have screaming Zonda noise for cheaps. First appearing in the Enzo with a mere bhp and displacing 6. After all, its from a project - the Cerbera Speed 12 - that was a bit of a failure.

The motorsport side of it was hampered by poor reliability, and the road car due to get this V12 engine was eventually cancelled, with then-TVR owner Peter Wheeler claiming the car was just too damn powerful for its own good. Rumours suggested up to bhp. The weight it had to pull? Just kg. What a shame it never went into production…. Click here to check out the original community question!

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Category: Rides. When it comes to the automotive industry, each manufacturer has a rich, diverse history that can be traced back for generations, and sometimes, centuries. With each new iteration of a platform, a change in the ripple of the road faring market begins to form, eventually immersing and engulfing the entirety of the manufacturing world until an idea is either overplayed or replaced by something entirely different.

A look into the future: The trailblazing BMW Nazca M12 and Nazca C2 concept cars

That being said, few have come close to the prestigious, gas-guzzling monstrosity that is the V InDaimler was the first builder to create a documented V12, and bydesigners were putting the engines into motorboats for marine racing purposes. However, was perhaps the first time the architecture was introduced into a road faring vehicle.

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Louis Coatalen, the chief engineer for Sunbeam Motor Car Company, brought the first Vpowered vehicle to the Brooklands short and long handicap races. While the unique cylinder layout of the V12 might need less movement within the block to perform at much higher RPMs than the V8, the fact remains that the monstrous engine utilizes four additional cyl i ndersmaking it larger and more cumbersome than its smaller competitors. When vehicles were first being made, these hefty variants were used to accelerate iron and steel chassis that were much heavier than they are today — on top of that, early engineers understood that the amount of air and compression that could be moved throughout the engine was tied directly to performance.

However, in recent decades, smaller engine displacements have reached the point where they can utilize other means to create airflow, horsepower, and torque, leaving the heavy and outdated V12 to refine itself in their wake. Regardless, luxury manufacturers still rely on the V12 for a handful of their niche models and often present the dynamic engine layout as part of rare, short-run vehicle production targeting drivers who want to own a prestigious, large motor.

The original Vantage was released in as a V8 platform, but bythe car had been such a success that Martin decided to release a V12 variant, which housed an AM11 V12 engine and produced horsepower and lb-ft of torque. Sporting a 5.


Though the car was heavier than its predecessors, it would win over the hearts of its proponents thanks to the inclusion of a 5. Although the manufacturer has since switched production of the GTC4Lusso to a rear-wheel-drive only variant known as the GTC4Lusso Tthe beastly V12 vehicle stands alone as one of the most powerful four-seat platforms in the industry.

It was introduced in as one of the premier 3. The two-seat fixed head coupe was also outfitted with both uprated brakes and a new power steering system to assist with the added weight and power brought about by the new powertrain, alongside textile-braced radial ply tires and minimal weight refinements that boosted the car to horsepower and increased its top speed by around eight miles per hour. Due to a lack of interest, the Series III platform was eventually phased out — but even today, the bucket list-worthy car is one of the most impressive V12 vehicles to ever hit the market, especially for the time period.

Lamborghini is no stranger to the V12 game, and their famed Countach could very well be one of the most iconic V12s to ever hit the production line. The original C12 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in and boasted a 6.

Jeremy Clarkson vs 'The Brutus' Bomber BMW (TOP GEAR)

The car would only get better with age, eventually ending up with a horsepower variant called the Zonda HP Barchetta insolidifying it as one of the most powerful cars to ever hit the consumer market. Posted By Chris West. Posted By Tim Huber. Skip to content.

Chris West Apr 23, What Makes A V12 Special? Lamborghini Countach Lamborghini is no stranger to the V12 game, and their famed Countach could very well be one of the most iconic V12s to ever hit the production line. More From Rides. Bringing the outdoors to your fragrance game.

Best V12 Engines Of All Time

A pressurized system for washing the grime from your body and gear. Posted By Tim Huber Apr 17, Posted By Chris West Apr 17, Posted By Tim Huber Apr 16, In the age of downsizingit would be fair to assume that the V12 would be one engine lost to the times, with modern turbocharged V8s offering comparable power outputs, let weight, and thus, greater performance. But surprisingly enough, the V12 engine isn't as dead as you might think, with no less than 18 models still in production making use of the configuration, hailing from 7 different manufacturers.

While others may struggle with the effects of downsizing, these 7 manufacturers, gods of the industry, continue to produce some of the most glorious cylinder motors around.

It's no surprise that Aston Martin feature on this list, and they do so in grand fashion with 4 models featuring a V Though the rather small-scale sports car brand from England may have signed a deal with Mercedes to utilize AMG V8s, at this stage their V12s are their own.

But with the recently unveiled DBS Superleggera, Aston have turned the dial way up to 11with the Superleggera's version of the same V12 generating hp all sent to the rear wheels.

It may not be lightweight as its name suggests, but that's nothing a little power can't fix. Two of Aston's older models still feature V8s too, though how long these two models have left in production is uncertain. The Vanquish S and its convertible counterpart both make use of a V12 engine, 5.

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The last aging Aston with a V12 powerplant is the Rapide S. When it comes to luxury sedans, Aston is a brand seldom thought of. Admittedly, the Rapide S does a somewhat poor job of being a luxo-barge against the current crop from Mercedes, BMW, and the likes of Porsche even. However, the Rapide S has a definite driver focus, and the V12 engine is central to that impression.

Delivering hp from its 5. BMW is one brand to have wholeheartedly invested in downsizing. Just look at the i8 sports car with a 3-cylinder engine or the fact that the M3 dropped from a V8 to an inline For most high-power applications for the brand, a twin-turbo V8 is more than enough to get the job done. But when it comes to its halo of luxury and performance, a mere V8 simply wouldn't do; which is why in the range-topping Mi xDrive, BMW has equipped a hp bi-turbocharged 6.

The V12 offers superb refinement, but even more astounding is the performance, shunting the massive limousine from mph in 3. Ferrari is famous for its use of front-mounted V12 engines in its big grand tourers. In fact, for the longest of times, there wasn't a Ferrari built without a front-mounted V12 — at least until Enzo Ferrari shook things up. At present, two Ferraris are available for order with V12 powerplants. The GTC4Lusso packs a front-mid mounted 6.

In a unique twist, it drives all 4 wheels via a twin-gearbox setup, making full use of the hp to make the hatchback Ferrari immensely quick in all weather conditions. But the Lusso hasn't escaped downsizingas there is a V8 turbocharged version too.

Drive goes solely to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch transmission.

bmw v12 engine cars

Though the Superfast is the most powerful unassisted Ferrari ever produced only the LaFerrari offers more powerits primary role is as a GT car, not an all-out supercar.