If you collect large sets of data that you want to visualize, you might find that limiting the amount of information displayed to an important subset of records helps you work with and answer questions about the data more effectively. This article describes how to create an interactive view that separates your customers into two dynamic groups:.

The view includes a control that your users can adjust to change the number of customers included in the top customers group. When they change the number, the view updates accordingly. In the Data pane, click the drop-down to the right of Dimensions and select Create Parameter.

In the Name text box, type Top Customers 2. This parameter will be used, in combination with the top N set you will create in the next step, to quickly adjust the top N value in the view. From Dimensionsdrag Customer Name to the Rows shelf, positioning it to the right of the set.

On the toolbar, click the Sort Descending button to make sure that the set is working. In the Formula text box, type the following formula to create dynamic labels for the customers in the set:. This links the Top N Customers by Sales set to the Top Customers 2 dynamic parameter, instead of to a static list of This parameter will be used in combination with the Top N Customers by Sales set, to adjust the top N value in the view. You can control the top N value by using the Top Customers 2 parameter control that appears in the view.

Here are some additional steps you can take to give your viewers more flexibility in displaying the customer subsets. In the Create Calculated Field dialog box that opens, do the following to create a calculation that uses the parameter you just created. This calculation enables viewers to specify how to view customers in the Others subset:.

Now you can use the Expand or Collapse parameter control to see the list of names in the top N customers and the remaining customers rolled up into a single Others entry. Tableau Desktop and Web Authoring Help. This article describes how to create an interactive view that separates your customers into two dynamic groups: The top N customers All other customers The view includes a control that your users can adjust to change the number of customers included in the top customers group.

Sets were introduced with Tableau Desktop version 8. Open a new worksheet. For Data typeselect Integer. For Current valuetype 5.

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For Allowable valuesclick Range. Under Range of values, do the following: Click Minimum and type 5. Click Maximum and type Click Step size and type 5. Click the Top tab.

Create Sets for Top N and Others

Select By Field. From the field drop-down list Categoryselect Sales. From the aggregation drop-down list, select Sum. When finished, click OK.

sets and parameters in tableau

From Measuresdrag Sales to the Columns shelf. In the Calculated Field dialog box that opens, complete the following steps: In the Name text box, type Subset Labels. In the Edit Set dialog box, do the following: Select the Top tab. Click the value drop-down menu, and select the Top Customers 2 parameter.Sets enable you to visualize groups which match one or more criteria. They are even more powerful in combination with parameters which allow you to dynamically change the criteria for the sets. Let us consider the following example: You are an investor and want to decide which companies you should trust with your hard-earned money.

To help you making this tough decision you have obtained a data set which contains the revenue, expenses and profit figures of the last year for companies.

To help you identify the hidden diamonds in this haystack of companies sets, combined sets and parameters will be your key to success to become a wealthy investor. Let us take a step back here and define what sets are in Tableau. They help you to create groups based on specified criteria. For example, just the top 5 most profitable companies or just companies start with the letter A.

IN means, the company matches the criteria, OUT means it does not match the criteria. If we wanted have look at the 50 companies with the highest revenue. We could do so creating a set:. It might be useful to quickly control the number of companies you want to highlight with the set.

This would enable you to look for example at the top 10 and not the top 50 companies by revenue. In part II we will explore combined sets and how they can help identifying the diamond companies in which we want to invest.

Your email address will not be published. Use case: Let us consider the following example: You are an investor and want to decide which companies you should trust with your hard-earned money. What are sets? We could do so creating a set: Right click on the dimension for which you want to create the set. Sets in combination with parameters It might be useful to quickly control the number of companies you want to highlight with the set. Right click on your already created set Top 50 companies by revenue Under by field, select create new parameter Name the parameter Select the range which can be selected I chose Show the parameter control in order to edit the the value of the parameter In part II we will explore combined sets and how they can help identifying the diamond companies in which we want to invest.

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search Search for:.A parameter is a global placeholder value such as a number, date, or string that can replace a constant value in a calculation, filter, or reference line. Then, using the parameter control, you can dynamically change the threshold in your calculation.

How To Filter Across Multiple Data Sources Using a Parameter in Tableau

This will happen each time the workbook is opened and Tableau connects to the data source referenced by the parameter. You can make your parameters more dynamic and interactive by using them in Parameter Actions. Parameter actions let your audience change a parameter value through direct interaction with a viz, such as clicking or selecting a mark. Watch a video: To see related concepts demonstrated in Tableau, watch the free training video Parameters 5 minutes.

Use your tableau. For a more in-depth presentation, see Parameters Oh, the places you'll go! In the Data pane, click the Dimensions drop-down arrow in the upper right corner and select Create Parameter. Specify a current value. This is the default value for the parameter. Specify a value when the workbook opens. For this dynamic parameter, let's use Latest Month.

This means that if the connected data source is updated and the workbook is opened, the parameter will automatically update when the workbook is opened. All - The parameter control is a simple text field. List - The parameter control provides a list of possible values for you to select from. Range - The parameter control lets you select values within a specified range. The availability of these options is determined by the data type.

Create Parameters

For example, a string parameter can only accept all values or a list. It does not support a range. If you select List, you must specify the list of values.Again, very happy with the service. We are delighted with the tour package that Anita at Nordic Visitor arranged for us. Iceland is spectacular, just absolutely stunning in natural wonders. I can't believe how much we managed to see and do in our seven days.

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sets and parameters in tableau

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Tableau Tip: Sets, Combined Sets and Parameters Part I

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sets and parameters in tableau

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